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When weather and time of sunset permit, meetings are held at our flying field.  Otherwise, meetings are held at one of our member’s homes in Doylestown on a rotating basis.   Meeting locations will be communicated to members by email, text or phone.

Guests are always welcome and encouraged to attend our meetings.  To learn the meeting location, contact us using the contact tab at the top banner of this page.


Club Bylaws Revised

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We reviewed, voted and approved a revision to our Club Bylaws at the May 2017 meeting. Current versions of all Club documents are available under the Downloads Tab on the top banner.

Club Video

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Check out the excellent Club Video that our member Bob put together.   Very nicely produced, and it shows off the club well.  Thanks Bob!

Multi-Copter Racing

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On Saturday, November 21, the Safety Third FPV Racing Team held a meet at the Sky Pirates field. These are tiny multicopters, only about a foot in size, which can reach speeds of 80 mph. They are piloted FPV through a video link to the pilot, who wears googles.  The race takes place close to the ground following a predetermined course with markers and obstacles.   This was a high-tech event with electronic timing, flags, and cockpit viewing for spectators.


Jack’s Canadian Beaver DSH

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At the end of the August meeting, Jack K. showed off his 110″ wingspan Canadian Beaver DSH. It has a 7-cylinder Evolution glow engine. It is a beautiful airplane and the engine looks amazing.


Prop Effects

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Jack gave an excellent talk on prop effects at the February 2015 meeting.   Here is his presentation material in PDF format:  Prop_Effects

“Just As I See It”

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Our neighbor Ruth,  an accomplished photographer,  has taken an interest in our RC activities.  She maintains a beautiful website of her work called “Just As I See It” where you will find some very nice photos of our models and our modelers.   Our photos appear here and  here.    Thank you Ruth for sharing your talent with us!

A Visitor At The Field

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On a nice Sunday in October we had quite the unusual visitor.  We were visited by a home-built single passenger helicopter.  It was powered by a small turbine engine.  More details and photos will be posted soon.

Sky Pirates Adopt A Highway

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Sky Pirates have adopted a 2 mile section of Rt 611 in Doylestown.  It starts at Broad St (the first exit north of 202) and continues north to Danbury (where the divided highway comes back together).  We will have our first clean up on Saturday, April 17.  The plan is to meet at the K-Mart parking lot near Rita’s Water Ice at 8 a.m.    Please contact Dave by Wednesday, April 14  if you will be able to help.

Jarrett’s Flying Video

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Very nice video showing our field from the air.

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